Chelsea Broadway Dentist

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17 February

Do Eczema Home Remedies Really Work?

When you have eczema, your life is miserable. Not only are you covered in rashes that are itchy and painful, but they are embarrassing. You may find yourself wearing long sleeves in summer time because you don’t want anyone seeing your rashes. As a child, this can really change the way that you interact with other people, and the same can also be said for adults. But do eczema home remedies work?

What Is Eczema?

Although medical science isn’t completely sure what causes eczema, it is believed to be some kind of allergic reaction. It is also found in people with high stress levels and those who suffer from asthma. If you are prone to eczema (i.e. you’ve had it in the past), then a stressful situation, too much heat or cold, or exposure to animal dander can be enough to set it off again.

What Eczema Home Remedies Are There?

One of the great things about the internet is that you can immediately go online and see what eczema home remedies people all over the world have used. These range from sitting in a bath of hot water that includes a few ounces of bleach, to drinking enormous amounts of water. Some people suggest that you don’t eat processed sugar, while a pine tar soap may be suggested as a way to cure the itching.

Isn’t There a Prescription for Eczema?

At one time, hydrocortisone cream or ointment was only available by prescription, but now you can buy it in varying strengths at any drug store or grocery store. Although this can help in the short term with some of the itching and may even relieve some of the rash itself, the truth is that you should not use hydrocortisone for long periods of time. Doing so can actually cause permanent damage to the skin or create more problems down the line and that is why eczema home remedies are preferred.

So, although hydrocortisone is often mentioned as a cure for eczema, it should only be used briefly and in very serious cases.

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17 February

What Types of Cradle Cap Treatment Are There?

If you have a newborn baby, then you have undoubtedly heard the warnings about “cradle cap.” This is a form of dermatitis that is extremely common in babies and appears as a dry, scaly condition on the scalp. It can also occur in the ears, around the eyes, and the groin. As with most skin issues that affect small children, it is always best to use a natural home remedy if you can, and as long as there appear no signs of infection, this is the cradle cap treatment you should try.

What Is Cradle Cap?

This is actually called seborrheic dermatitis and is similar to dandruff, though it appears much worse since a baby’s hair is so fine or non-existent. It is a temporary rash that peels off and luckily is not contagious. Most doctors will tell you that it is genetic in nature, though it can also be caused by a variety of reasons such as infrequent shampooing or using lotions that are too oily for a baby’s fine skin.

Which Cradle Cap Treatment Is Best?

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to use a harsh dandruff shampoo on a child, so it is important that you try to get rid of it in a more natural way that involves no chemicals. The first thing that you will need to do is start washing your child’s hair every day, and work to remove the scales. If they do not come off, you can rub them with mineral oil until they do. It is important not to pick them off if they are not ready to come off or you could end up with an infection on your hands.

In addition to treating the rash itself and getting that to heal, you may also have to worry about the itchiness that it may cause and this is one of the reasons why a natural cradle cap treatment works best. You can use natural products that you already have in your home to relieve the itching and help to heal the scalp or other effected areas.

Where Can You Get More Information?

The “Fast Impetigo Cure” is an online book that is primarily designed for the health of children and adults with impetigo (a bacterial skin infection), but it also helps with all issues related to skin health. This is because it addresses some of the underlying causes that can make skin problems worse, such as nutrition, stress, water intake, and more.

“I followed the techniques and was pleased to see the rash going away within two days.”
– Penny (Testimony)

This book employs a step by step program to get rid of impetigo, but it is also useful as a cradle cap treatment or for those people with chronic eczema.

“Your book is a miracle worker. The home remedies and treatments were very easy to use.”
– Shelley (Testimony)

Is This the Kind of Cradle Cap Treatment That You Should Use?

The last thing that you want to see is your new baby covered in rashes or scales, and that is why finding a cradle cap treatment that you can rely on is important. Many of the natural home remedies that are used in the “Fast Impetigo Cure” are also appropriate for cradle cap treatment as well as eczema, and can continue to be used to ward off any other skin issues in later years. If you suffer from skin problems too, it is good to have a resource that you can go to that won’t require you to buy expensive prescription medications or use dangerous drugs.

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16 February

Legacy of St. Sixtus Abbey’s Beloved Trappist Beer

Bordering France and situated near the North Sea somewhat near Belgium’s northwest border can be found the town of Vleteren, inside of which situates the abbey St. Sixtus, earning recent fame for a surge of tourism based on certain appreciation of what the monks have to show for their labors. Cast into the lot of self-sufficient work, the monks of the monastery spend quality time producing a uniquely superior drink that has been casting ripples lately in head circles of micro-brew enthusiasts.

Would you go on a scavenger hunt for good beer?

Some say that the brewery of St. Sixtus produces the “best beer in the world.” And so goes the delicate online opinion of BeerAdvocate and RateBeer, considered but not disputed by various writers who saw in the fame an adventurous challenge and tried it served at the abbey’s pub. Jim Deschepper of BeerTourism says specifically, “They are great beers, there is no doubt about that and they do belong in the international beer hall of fame.”

Likewise, Boston’s Steve Greenlee refers to Westvleteren as the “legendary greatest beer on earth” and goes on to say that “It’s perfect in every way.”

The fanfare can be enough to convince even unbelievers who have fallen away from faith in alcohol that the flavor of the brew possesses uncommon wonder. Who to believe?!

Being Belgium, famous for its biking lanes in busy areas, a bike path notably leads to and past the abbey. Tourists also visit Flanders Fields, a battlefield of significant World War I history famous for its poppy fields, while both types of visitors would be admitted to In de Vrede, the pub outlet that lists the product the monks brew on the menu, to try the world famous Westvleteren 12.

Local businesses in the rooming and food service sector get much of the boost from tourism, as do some of the region’s other breweries.

A brief glimpse at the taste

After taking in the greater share of what critics have to say, the chief attributes of the winning Westvleteren 12 (a.k.a. “Flemish Burgundy”) specify as sweet, fruity, and spiced. In the words of the pub’s own online splash page, the brew offers a “generous, creamy aroma and powerful caramelized and malted taste.”

With production limited to 130,000 barrels per year, demand runs at a steady pace.

Outside the abbey, Westvleteren beer shares another scene as one of the world’s six beer operations qualified to be called “Trappist,” a way of distinguishing origination from the Cistercian order. Greenlee goes on to iron out how to get the rare brew without making a formal appearance at the Belgian abbey. Just beyond, a single bottle can cost $35 via resale.

Writer John Tagliabue in The New York Times elaborates that getting the beer at the monastery was once a simple affair, but to see a 3-mile line of cars with patrons in pursuit of the brew on a good weather day now is not unusual.

And the only way to get it — specifically at a decent price and generally by the rules — would be to journey to the abbey itself.

But the monks have the highest standards in selling their beer, requiring such information as name and license plate documentation of the vehicle that the buyer arrives in. Rumor has it that they also ask that their beer not be resold.

Don’t expect to take home any great quantity in excess of one case or two at the most, as its popularity has strained production such that the best experience lies in wait only for those who visit the brewery’s for the hospitality at In De Vrede, the pub.

The monks are not brewing to compete for market share but rather specifically for funds necessary to keep Abbey St. Sixtus in regular condition. A recent offering in the American market sold 6-pack “bricks” of the beer, complete with drinking glasses, at $85 apiece to raise enough cash to repair the abbey roof.

And then there were none. The brewery returned to its exclusive arrangement of offering beer exclusively through the monastery pub organ.

Abbey history

The story of St. Sixtus dates back to the Cella Beborna monastery in the year 806 CE, built on the spot. In time, three other monasteries replaced it, the third resulting from an 1831 CE gathering of monks and prior hops trader Jean-Baptiste Victor, who joined the Catsburg monastery in Godewaersvelde (now French Westhoek of traditional Flanders). These monks founded St. Sixtus, a recognized “abbey” as of 1871, the same year that it was renovated.

Mindful of how money was spent, the first beer brewed was used to quench the thirst of monastery builders. Early Westvleteren beer was first produced in 1838, for trade, and the following year a brewery was added to St. Sixtus monastery. Upon resorting to trucks to deliver the beer, intervention from the Abbot Gerardus called a halt to there being anything of a wild side of devotional prayer and silent meditation and thus limited the distribution scheme to the monastery. The year was 1945.

At the direction of the abbot, brewing continued off-site at St. Bernardus monastery of Watou. The monks there were given two periods of license to be brewers using the incorporated St. Sixtus style that, upon expiring was reclaimed by St. Sixtus once again in 1992, for the law had specified that Trappist beer must be brewed by Trappist monks at a Trappist monastery, which St. Bernardus was not.

• Westvleteren 12 was not brewed until the second World War.

• St. Bernardus continues to produce their own beer to this day, said not to be dissimilar to Westvletern 12.

Trappist beer

The six Trappist sources brew some wide variety of independent flavors. In De Vrede (Dutch for “in peace“) carries one out of a total six unique Trappist variety beers of Belgium: AchelChimayOrvalRochefortWestmalle; and Westvleteren, the latter brewed in St. Sixtus abbey.

The monks at In de Vrede offer Westvleteren in three strains, Westvleteren BlondeBruin 8, and Bruin 12 (numbers that loosely refer to their ABV, alcohol-by-volume). More varieties are known to exist, such as Westvleteren 4 and 6 that BeerTourism claims to be on brew hiatus since 1999.

Its composition consists of three special varieties of hops and special Westmalle yeast. Beyond that, only a beer specialist with special talent for reverse engineering could say.

In operation as a brewery since 1838, early St. Sixtus monastery reverted to the up-class abbey in 1871, surviving harsh world war and debuting the famous Westvleteren Bruin 12 after the Second Devastation’s grip had ended. Popularity of the brew remains strong because of limited availability, although the pub of the abbey, In de Vrede, also offers a considerable menu of fare to complement its three beers. Only briefly did the monks offer their famous beer for sale in the USA, for the express purpose of roof renovation. With such a legendary flavor to live up to the popularity of the brew makes a good rabbit to pull out of a hat whenever times get tough. Hopefully, there will be more people who see virtue in reaching such pinnacles of refinement, who can appreciate more than just beer and use their abilities to reach some necessary peace within.

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20 January

It’s summertime and the living is easy out of the hot kitchen

It’s summertime and nobody wants to be stuck in the kitchen, especially a hot kitchen! So take a cue from these quickie ideas and enjoy them without all the fuss and bother in the kitchen.

Leftovers Salad

Got a bit of leftover grilled chicken? How about cold cuts like ham, turkey and anything else that are hiding in your refrigerator? You can include cheese, nuts, and avocado,  even a few berries for color.

Start with your lettuce. You can soak loose-leaf lettuce and swish it in cold water to clean the head, then shake it dry before cutting. Lay it on the cutting board to chop quickly instead of ripping leaves by hand. Of course, compact head lettuce like iceberg can be quickly quartered and chopped after removing outer leaves.

Use your kitchen scissors

Instead of crying your eyes out slicing up red onions, try cutting green onions with your kitchen scissors great flavor, quick and easy on the eyes. I do the same scissor-slicing with celery (just the hearts) and zip, they are in the bowl all in one step.

Use scissors for quickly dicing sliced meats like cold cuts: roll the slices together into a tube; then holding the “tube” at on end, make two cuts length-wise so the tube now looks like a paintbrush with four bristles. Now snip away in inch-long increments, you’ll get four pieces with each cut. (You’ll get more, depending on how many slices you rolled up together.)

Okay, you’ve got lettuce, onion, celery and meats, cheese, maybe some sliced almonds or some raspberries, what more do you want? Snip it right into your salad bowl. Then try plain or vanilla yogurt as salad dressing and you’re out the door and into the fun!

Note this same basic technique of scissor-slicing cold cuts and veggies into the bowl can be done with a bowlful of leftover (pre-cooked, but without any sauce) pasta like elbows, ziti (use the scissors to cut them down to bite-size if needed) or other macaroni; then just add mayo and your favorite spices—plus maybe a bit of paprika and dry mustard and, voila, you have a great pasta salad. Use your imagination and your scissors and you’ll be a summer not-in-the-kitchen wizard in no time!

Summer’s Perfect Dessert: Fast, Nutritious and not fattening!

This dessert can be a lifesaver, and it can be served simply scooped out into plastic cups for a picnic, – or sliced into a stemmed glass with topping for a fancy gathering.

The recipe below calls for sugar-free gelatin, but check with your crowd’s dietary needs,  some people do get a reaction to aspartame.

You will need:

2 Cups boiling water

2 Packages sugar-free gelatin Raspberry, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, or your favorite.

Approximately 1 cup still frozen Strawberries (no juice)

Approximately 1 cup still frozen Raspberries (no juice)

Approximately 1 cup still frozen Blueberries (no juice)

Approximately 1 cup still frozen Blackberries (no juice)

Pour the frozen berries into a 48- ounce plastic container that has a tight lid (so you can securely put this in a cooler for summer fun!)

Boil 2 cups of water in the microwave until boiling merrily (less than 2 minutes for 1100-watt microwave).

Remove boiling water from microwave immediately and quickly pour the contents of 2 boxes of sugar-free gelatin into the container of boiling water while stirring with a whisk or slatted spatula, to dissolve the gelatin. Stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved.

Once all the gelatin has been completely dissolved in the hot water, pour it directly over the still-frozen berries in the container. Stir it about for a bit, just to get it mixed around. DO NOT ADD COLD WATER as instructions on the gelatin package indicate.

The hot boiled water will thaw the berries, as the frozen berries set the gelatin. It can be soft-served after setting for a minute or two, or place it in the refrigerator for about five – ten minutes and you will have a nice firm set.

If you leave it in the fridge longer, you will have a gelatin that can be “unmolded” in about twenty minutes and served with whipped cream to look fancy! And the best part is, you don’t need to feel guilty about enjoying it because it’s full of anti-oxidants and vitamins!

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20 January

Are you overweight? That is not an excuse not to move

Are you overweight and think you can not exercise? Do you think you have limitations to put your body in motion? Chances are that those are just excuses. Exercise is healthy for all people. Even you, with those extra pounds or kilos more, will help you lose weight, reduce the risk of some diseases, reduce stress and improve your quality of life in general. Find out how in this article.

You must always start doing slow, until the muscles come into heat, and that the idea is to do everything at once, but that exercise must be gradual.

You will gradually feeling the benefits of physical activity, which not only helps you burn calories and lose weight but also reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, hypertension (high pressure) and type 2 diabetes. Similarly, physical activity improves your strength, muscles, bones and coordination, and thus increases your quality of life by providing all your daily tasks, such as climbing a flight of stairs, tying your of shoes and even sleep better. And if that still does not convince you, remember that exercise also has psychological benefits, for example, helps to raise self-esteem, improves mood and combats stress.

Now that you are considering exercising, here are 10 tips to not abandon the idea:

– Trust yourself and keep in mind that each small step adds up to big results over time.
Aim to achieve goals that are possible, not ideal. For example, you can start ejercitándote 5 to 10 minutes several times a week and then keep adding as you go activities specifying that purpose.

– You can train at all times, moving your feet while waiting for the microwave heating food finished, replacing the elevator downstairs, during breaks in the office, etc..

– If you can, use a pedometer during the day to confirm the number of steps you take and Aim to increase them a little more each day.

– Short breaks program from 10 to 15 minutes during the day to do some physical activity.

– Do not push yourself too much, exercise should be comfortable. And if you have any health limitations, it is best to consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine.

– Do not be discouraged if you do not like the activity you chose. Try different ways to workout, until you find the one you have fun.

– If you prefer, listen to music of your liking, can be exhilarating when exercising.

– Try to find someone to share the exercise with you, always more fun when you do it with friends.

– Finally, keep a diary and record your progress. You’ll be amazed when you see the results!

Now, get moving and do not be discouraged if you can not do any particular exercise. Keep trying and be proud of every achievement, however small. Make a commitment to yourself to maintain and possibly increase your activity level, even a few minutes a day. Make the exercise into a daily routine and do not forget to have fun.

Remember! Being overweight is not an excuse not to move.

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22 December

All About Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a type of treatment that combines estrogen and progestin where the body is given hormones to prevent or treat certain medical conditions (such as treating symptoms of menopause in women and preventing osteoporosis). It is prescribed for protection against osteoporosis and heart disease, and relief of menopausal symptoms.

In fact, Hormone replacement therapy is very helpful for preventing osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Age also needs to be considered; women above the age of 60 might not benefit too much from HRT but relatively younger women in their 50s usually respond very well to HRT. Irritating menopausal discomfort reduces greatly. The chances of getting rectal and colon cancer are also reduced. On the whole, HRT is found to be quite useful, since the hormones are important for several tissues. It is a common fear that HRT increases chances of getting breast cancer, but actual studies dismiss the assumption.

Moreover, today Hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women has long been the subject of much debate. The long-term use of HRT however remains controversial. Past studies of women taking estrogen for long periods to treat menopausal symptoms led to the recognition that estrogen supplementation can help prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women and thus reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Therefore, in order to obtain great satisfaction it is necessary for women who choose standard hormone therapy during natural (nonsurgical) menopause typically take estrogen and progestin, a man-made version of progesterone. It can also ease vaginal symptoms of menopause, such as dryness, itching, burning and discomfort with intercourse.

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31 May