Did you find the TV license phone number?

Remember the time when, once your TV license expired, you would be frantically looking for a phone number on which you could call to obtain a TV license?

Well, of course you do – you just did it the other day perhaps.

That is something which is quite likely to change in the near future, given the extent to which new age technologies are emerging with remarkable frequency, relegating a lot of the older ways of doing the same, to nothing more than a mere relic from the past.

For instance, when it comes to viewing television content, today there are so many different avenues for doing so with complete ease, so why would you want to as much as consider the option of looking for a TV licence phone number? The options that I mention here do not even require a television license in the first place, so there is no issue with regard to obtaining a phone number anyway.

Take Mobile TV Elite as an excellent example. This is a service which allows you to view television content running into 1,000s of different channels, from as many as 60 different countries, for a fraction of what it would cost you, even to access your regular cable or satellite channels. Not only that, with services such as Mobile TV Elite, you only pay a onetime LIFETIME access fee, as against other cable or satellite television services where you are required to pay a fixed fee each month.

These programs essentially have a software program which you download to any of your mobile Internet access devices, which could be a handheld tablet like the iPad or even a humble mobile phone, as long as it has connectivity to the Internet, firmly put in place. Given the fact that majority of us do tend to have such devices with us at all times, with easy connectivity to the Internet, there is never any real issue as far as viewing your favorite television programs is concerned.

The end

So in the light of all that I have mentioned, it would be fair to say that you quickly relegate looking for a TV licence phone number to an activity that you indulged in, only in the past, and instead focus on new age options which certainly make the entire television viewing experience, radically different and at the time, totally enticing and enchanting.

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20 January

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