Blue Waffle Disease Details

Blue Waffle Disease popularity around the internet is increasing day by day and this disease also get more hilarious. This condition is a vaginal disease mostly occur in women, this disease change the vagina to looks like to a grotesque blue, green and violet blueberry waffle. Well, it is not known as Blue Waffle officially and not in medical term, although this disease name is not officially announced but due to bluish change in vagina and waffle is a slang term of vagina it is called Blue Waffles.

Blue Waffle is also a Sexually Transmitted Infection(STI) and can transfer also into men but very rarely, mostly it is found in women. This Nasty infection mainly cause urethra and vagina in women.

How it can causes? 

There is no such a perfect reason that how it cause? But Somehow from the calculated research we conclude that:

– Blue Waffles is mainly cause by non-protected and unclean sex.

– Tightly Fitted Clothes

– Clean Sprays also result in vaginal soreness.

– Stress and Low nutrition diet can result into it.

– A Weak Immune System

– As an STD, Transfer from one partner to another.

What are Symptoms: 

The main symptoms of the infection are as below:

– Extreme itching and inflammation of the vaginal area.

– Color of Vaginal Area starts turning into bluish or purple color.

– Unusual vaginal discharge.

After, feeling these type of symptoms you should consult your doctor immediately as these symptoms of vaginal infection can cause you a blue waffles.

How to Cure?

Blue Waffles Disease is an illness and it can treatable by the doctor. Just properly take the medicines prescribed by the doctor and try to keep your vaginal area clean and dry.

If one of your relative or friend also have Blue Waffles in past and if they can rid off than ask the cure from them that’s a best idea believe me.

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16 February

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