More Tips for reducing Acne Conglobata

What are some quick tips to reduce acne conglobata? I’m going to give them to you in five simple, easy to follow tips.  If you follow these steps, you will, without a doubt, reduce your acne.

1)  Clean up your diet.  You hear that a lot when it comes to acne, but nothing could be truer!

2)  Get more SLEEP.  This is crucial.  Sleep is how your body heals and repairs itself.  Without enough sleep, your body is going to have to deal with the stress in any way it can – by producing more acne!

3)  Exercise at least 15 minutes a day.

4) Laugh – it really does help, laugh for 15 minutes each day!

5)  Enjoy time with friends for at least one hour a day.

The final three might not make a whole lot of sense, however, they’re actually extremely important in cleaning up your diet!  They each reduce stress and put happiness into your life.  While you are happy your body begins the healing process and can start tackling the acne problems that you are faced with.

These tips probably wouldn’t take you much longer to do than what you do with your life now.  Implement them TODAY and start getting results!

Vitamins That Help Acne Conglobata

It is important to have lots of vitamins.  The vitamins itself cannot fight acne.  But it provides your body with the nutrients you need to fight acne.  Vitamins A, B6, C, E, and Zinc are only five in a lot of vitamins that all play their own part in helping to counter attack or prevent acne conglobata.

  • Vitamin A – reduces or prevents acne by lessening the production of sebum.  Sebum is a substance that helps clog up the pores and produce acne.  Too little Vitamin A can cause dry and rough skin but too much will cause headaches and hair loss.  When taking Vitamin A, always remember to take Vitamin E with it.  Vitamin A needs the fats that Vitamin E provides to work well with your body.  Vitamin A can be found in whole eggs, milk, liver, carrots, oats, papaya, mango, and other colored fruits and vegetables.
  • Vitamin B6 controls acne outbreaks by balancing the production of oil in the skin.  Vitamin B6 can be found in meats, whole grain products, vegetables, nuts and bananas.
  • Vitamin C can not only help with fighting bacteria, but it can also be helpful with treating the redness of the inflammations and irritations on the skin.  Vitamin C is important for healthy skin.  Vitamin C can be found in many fresh vegetables and fruits.  Vitamin C is also present in some meats, but the most Vitamin C you can get from meat is found in the liver.
  • Vitamin E like C has antioxidant properties that helps in fighting bacteria.  Vitamin E should be taken moderately as too much Vitamin E is not good for your health.  Vitamin E can be found in cereals, seeds, nuts, and green leafy vegetables.
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20 December

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