Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure is a condition where the mucus membrane swells due to swelling of their blood cells. This is caused by accumulation of fluids which in turn puts pressure to the membrane. Some of the symptoms include fever, fatigue, nose congestion, post nasal drip and in severe cases it may lead to headaches, severe pain and discomfort. You may even feel pain around the eyes, pain in the upper teeth, forehead and on the nose. If you feel any of the above symptoms it is advisable to seek medical care as soon as possible. They get worse with time making it good to treat it as soon as you notice it.

One may be wondering what causes Sinus pressure. It is caused by irritation of the sinuses. The puzzle is what really causes this irritation. This will help you understand what causes this pressure. Allergies to dust, mold, pollen or pet dander, bacterial of virus infections are part of the main causes of the sinus irritation. Cold and flu are also causes of the irritation. If the Sinus pressure is not treated on time they make you prone to future bacterial infections and may make your sinus very painful when touched. The flow of mucus increases leading to a running nose.

Let me give a brief description of how the Sinus pressure occurs. The human sinuses have openings called Ostium. This extends to the nasal passage allowing exchange of mucus and air. The mucus lining have epitheliums which allows mucus to pass from the sinus into the nasal passage. If air is trapped in this passage it means that the free flow of mucus will be interfered. This will cause pressure since air is blocking the passage on mucus which ought to be drained. This is the pressure that causes pain and prevents air from passing through the nasal passage.

The ideal treatment is to use drugs that will destroy the bacteria and still not affect your immune system. Some of them include decongestants, pain relievers to get rid of the pains caused by the irritation. Saline sprays and inhaling steam will ease the swelling of the sinus. Some of the natural medication includes acupuncture, anti-inflammatory enzymes, nutritional counseling, chiropractic and homeopathy. Avoid using antibiotics since they will kill the bacteria but at the expense of your immune system. Try those medications which can also be used in conjunction with convectional drugs.

The pain caused by Sinus pressure can be minimized by the different medications that I earlier mentioned. However; some people may find it so hard to go through the pain. Such people can seek the advice of a medical officer who may use other oral and inject able drugs to relive the pain. I believe no one likes when you undergo a painful organ of your body. If you are allergic to anything like dust, pollen grains or smoke it is wise to avoid it. The best cure of any disease is prevention. Take good care of your body and avoid nose congestion and irritation.

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16 March

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